Kitten Update | 5 months old.

I thought it was about time I did another kitten update as Vinny has grown so much and has such a funny little character. When I last updated you he was due his second vaccinations which he had and we have now booked him in for his neutering for the end of November.

If you have seen me recently and noticed I seem to have a lot of scratches on my 22711198_1170003363143778_660288884_nhands/arms its because Vinny has began biting – a lot. We have spoken to the vet about it after trying various different techniques and she said he is probably teething! We have tried ignoring him, picking him up by his scruff, tapping his nose and none of which have made any difference. We know it’s only play biting but we don’t want him to think its okay to do it, as his teeth are getting sharper, it hurts a lot! He is a very playful little thing! So we have started to put him away in the downstairs toilet room when he gets very bitey, which at the moment is calming him down a lot.

We have started letting him upstairs at night now instead of keeping him in the room 22656572_1170004223143692_27482492_n.jpgdownstairs he was in and he has really surprised us. Some nights he can be an absolute nightmare and run around in the early hours of the morning, dragging his toys around, jumping all over us but most of the time he is an angel. We try not to let him sleep much after 7pm and we try to tire him out so he will sleep once we go upstairs. We generally go to bed between 9 and 10 and he will just follow us up to bed and curl up at the end of the bed. We got him a really soft blanket which is at the bottom of the bed and he just kneads that until he falls asleep. On the nights he sleeps pretty easily, we don’t generally hear from him until we are woken up by him head butting us for attention. I love it when I wake up to him purring right in front of me, nuzzling into my face and just being very loving!


He had his first ever visit to a cattery, which I think he really enjoyed. I mean, how do you tell? I was really worried about leaving him somewhere as he was so young and tiny but he was absolutely fine. We dropped him off with my dressing gown so he could be reminded of us by the smell and he just went through a stage of only sleeping on it! When we got him back home after he seemed very happy to be back home, running around purring and giving us lots of cuddles and not wanting to leave our sides.

22711923_1170004166477031_266664343_o.jpgHe still follows us around everywhere. And I mean everywhere. If i go upstairs so hang some washing, he’s right there beside me. Right now, he also has such an obsession with climbing in the bath and we have no idea why. We give him a bath clean every month or so, so we know that he is clean. He has a habit of standing in his poo sometimes so we like to make sure he is clean. And he hates baths and water so we really don’t know why he likes to climb into the bath so much. Thankfully he hasn’t done it whilst there has been water in there!!

He’s had a few more visits to the vets for his flea and worming treatments which have all22686449_1170004399810341_214296019_n.jpg gone ok. He got weighed again in the middle of October when we went for his treatments and he weighed 1.77kg. I can’t believe how tiny he still is! We have booked him in for the end of November to be Neutered, which I’m hoping will calm him down a little. He can be so crazy, its funny. He will run around the house like someone is chasing him, stop and sit down for about 5 seconds and then be off again. It makes me wonder what goes through his mind. I also love how he sits with his paw tucked underneath like he is in this picture, it just makes my heart melt. We have tried him with a few human foods as well and he has really loved them! His favourite is ham! We have also given him little bits of tuna, salmon and chicken. But whenever anyone has ham in their food, he is sat right by your plate meowing until you get up and give him soon! Greedy!

I think that is everything on how Vinny is doing, I hope you have enjoyed this kind of post. I love writing these ones so when he has grown even more I can go back and read them and be reminded of how tiny he was. I’m so glad we got Vinny because he keeps me company when Sean is at work and just makes me happy. I’ll be back soon with another Vinny update, probably once he has been neutered. Thank you for reading,
Until next time,
Goodbye ♥





October Glossybox! | 2017

Welcome back to my blog, I can’t believe I am doing my October Glossybox review already! Where did this last month go?! It feels like only last week I was doing my September box review, But October soon swung round and I was so excited to receive this box!! This month’s box was a collectors edition, Unicorn VS. Mermaid! Which box you received was a complete surprise with both boxes containing mostly the same products. I wasn’t too fussed which box I received as both are equally beautiful and the sneak peaks looked really good. So here is my October Glossybox….



I received the Mermaid Box!

1. Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette – Mermaids VS. Unicorns.
It’s not very often you get a full size eyeshadow palette in a subscription box so 22538230_1168254453318669_9192647_nGlossybox have only gone and done it again! I actually really like Makeup Revolution palettes and have a few of them and i’m really impressed with this one too. The only thing I will say that is sort of negative is this isn’t a new palette. It has been around since the beginning of this year, I understand it fits in with the theme of this months box but i’m sure a lot of people would have preferred to have a new out palette. Saying that, i’m really impressed. For £4 this palette is definitely worth it, the
pigment is really good and some of the shades are stunning. I love absolutely all of the shades that range from aqua blues, underwater greens and sparkly pinks and purples! I’m more of a nude shade kind of girl so i’m quite looking forward to seeing what more adventurous looks I can create with this! I have included some swatches below. You can find this on various websites including, Superdrug and Tam Beauty.



2. Kawaii Enterprise Brush Cleansing Egg. RRP – £7.99. FULL SIZE PRODUCT!
When I saw this in my box I wasn’t overly impressed, probably because I already have 22554413_1168254509985330_698934952_none of these. I got mine from Primark sometime this year and it only cost me £2 so when I saw this one that RRP’s at £7.99 I just think it is quite expensive for what it is. That being said, it actually does quite a good job of cleaning your brushes. You pop two fingers into the gap at the side, wet your brushes, add a tiny bit of soap or baby shampoo and swirl it round. It has two different parts, the straight lines for the bigger brushes and the small dots for smaller brushes like eyeshadow brushes. If you haven’t seen or used one of these before then I can see why you could be excited about this.


3. Sleek Creme To Powder Blush  – Gerbera. RRP – £5.99. FULL SIZE PRODUCT!
22627382_1168254473318667_1161360909_n.jpgThis was one of the sneak peak products that we got to see a few weeks ago and I was really looking forward to getting this. Whilst I love getting higher ended products in my glossybox, I also love receiving affordable drug store things. This is because I love getting to try more expensive things that I normally wouldn’t buy but also love getting the cheaper items because they are easier to re purchase again. Either way your getting to try products you may not normally purchase, but could end up loving them! I love Sleek! I have a few of their 22538273_1168254483318666_662417622_n.jpgthings and they have never disappointed! I love the shade of this blusher and can’t wait to start using it. Whilst it is a creme blusher in the pot, once applied to cheeks and blended it magically turns into a powder! How amazing?!
It’s such a beautiful shade and even better that it has a mirror in, which always makes a product one hundred times better for me!  The RRP for this is £5.99 which is so affordable and like I said before, Sleek have never let me down! You can find this on the Sleek website. Overall I’m really impressed with this product.


4. Bang Beauty Cream Colour. RRP – 19.50. FULL SIZE PRODUCT!
22497363_1168254419985339_217916136_nWhen I first saw this I really wasn’t sure what it was and actually first thought it was a creme eyeshadow! It’s actually multi-purpose and can be used on your lips as a lip balm, cheeks as a blusher and on your eyes as a eyeshadow. I think if it wasn’t multi-purpose and was 22538277_1168254446652003_2117701379_nmainly just a blusher, I would be a bit miffed that there is 2 blushers in one box. But I will probably mainly use this as a lip balm and a creme eyeshadow. I absolutely love the packaging, you can definitely tell it is a high end product. The pot itself looks very classy and it’s an ok size. Personally I wouldn’t pay £19.50 for this, but that is just my opinion. I got mine in the shade Dolce Pink, and its beautiful! You can find this on the Bang Beauty Website.


5. Lord & Berry Magic Brow, Eyebrow Pencil. RRP – £14.00. FULL SIZE PRODUCT!
22641892_1168254516651996_165783172_oI’m always really excited when I get Lord & Berry products as they never fail to disappoint! As someone who doesn’t always do my eyebrows, I love receiving new brow products to try out as I don’t currently have a favourite. I love the packaging for this its very simple yet classy as you can tell it’s more of a higher branded product, just by looking at it. The product itself feels very creamy and it’s a good sized pencil. Mine is in the shade 22553742_1168254519985329_767448006_o.jpgBrunette, which I wouldn’t usually go for as i’m blonde, but this is quite a good match when pressing lightly. The tip of the pencil actually has 2 shades combined together to give a more natural look. I’m looking forward to getting to use this product and seeing what I think after using it for a period of time! Personally I think £14.00 for a good quality eyebrow pencil is really good!  You can find this on the Lord And Berry Website.



Also I received this sticker (above) which I have stuck on my laptop, which I think is so cute! Overall I’m really impressed with this months box and for once has quite a few products that I will actually use. It’s quite unusual to get 5 full size make-up products as normally you get one or two samples, so thats a great bonus! The RRP of all of these together is £51.48 which when you compare it to the £13.95 I paid, is so good! Glossybox is definitely doing it right month after month and I can’t wait to see what’s in next months already! I love looking forward to receiving a mystery bundle of make-up every month and it really is a little treat to myself. Unfortunately this box has now sold out so if your wanting to sign up and get your own monthly treat, you will have to wait until next month! But i’m sure next months will be another great box! I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I will be back soon with another. Until then,
Goodbye ♥


September Favourites | 2017

Hello and welcome back to my blog. It feels like only a few days ago that I was doing my August favourites post, hasn’t that flown by! September has been a good month and i’ve had a lot going on. I’ve tried a few new make-up related things, cleaning things and even visited new places so it here goes my September Favourites….

1. W7 Colour Me Nude Eyeshadow Palette – RRP : £9.95.
I picked this up around two weeks ago when we had a trip to The Original Factory Shop. I’d forgot how much I love just browsing through that shop, especially the make-up 22243515_1160544247423023_1261290700_osection. This palette immediately jumped out to me, mainly because it had a big red sticker on it saying £5! Bargain. I’d been wanting a new nude eyeshadow palette for a while but didn’t fancy paying nearly £40 for a Urban Decay Naked Palette, so I was pleased to have picked this up for £5! There are 12 gorgeous shades and it’s one of those palettes that I will actually use 22217708_1160544260756355_1862651119_oall of the shades at some point. They range from pinky nudes to plumby gold shades. They are very easy to blend and have hardly any fallout, which makes it so easy to use! So if your looking for a new nude palette, reluctant to pay a lot of money for a good one, check out The Original Factory Shop!

2. Primark Argan Facial Cleansing Wipes For Dry Skin
– £1.00 For Twin Pack.
I didn’t go into Primark on the hunt for face wipes but as I was at the tills paying for 22237294_1160544244089690_359984410_nsomething, I spontaneously picked these up and thank the lord I did. These wipes smell amazing and they actually feel like they re hydrate my skin. I have quite dry skin in places and since using these wipes, it has really improved. They really don’t leave your skin red and inflamed like some wipes can. For such a quick purchase, I have been using these almost daily and that is why they has slid into my September Favourites. And for a £1 for 50 wipes, you really can’t go wrong and complain if you don’t like them as its only a pound out of your pocket.

3. Doctor Foster – BBC1 Drama.
doctorfoster.jpgThis is a slightly different favourite of mine but it has taken up my Tuesday nights during September and even into the start of this month, but I just had to mention it. I have been LOVING this programme. I never watched the first series when it aired in 2015 but I found it on Netflix a few weeks ago and I remember hearing it was really good. It was one of those times where you just stumble upon a programme but then you really get into it! Luckily as I found it on Netflix, series 2 was about to start so I didn’t have to wait too long. It’s a BBC drama where a wife, Gemma, suspects her husband is having an affair. After doing some digging her life kind of falls apart with many twists and turns. If you haven’t seen this I highly recommend you do because it will leave you questioning what is going to happen next. I’m so sad it’s now over and have heard there won’t be a series 3. However the BBC always have great looking drama’s on so i’m sure there will be something just as good to fill up my Tuesday nights on the sofa. You can find Series 1 on Netflix and i’m sure Series 2 is on BBC I Player or will follow on Netflix.

4. Fitbit Charge 2 – Special Edition Lavender / 22k Rose Gold Plated.
If I had been writing this during the middle of last month then this wouldn’t have madecharge2-lavender-22k-rose-gold-plated-tpu-regular-0-500b7e18f591e8dd22ca091350b16c66 it into my favourites post. But the last few days I have been wearing it to track my sleep, heart rate and exercise. I’m really wanting to up my exercise as i’m not working at the moment, i’m not moving no where near as much as I should be. I brought this for myself at the very start of this year and wore it when I first got it for a while then stopped, until I went into hospital for two weeks and haven’t really wore it since. I just find it really interesting to see how much sleep I’m getting, my heart rate at different times of the day and how many steps I do on a standard day. If your wanting a watch that can do all that and other things then you really should consider a Fitbit. When I chose mine I instantly knew what colour I wanted as it just looked so beautiful. As mine is currently charging I am posting a picture from the Fitbit Website where this is £159.99.

4. Lenor Parfumelle Emerald & Ivory Flower Fabric Conditioner.
(Below Left)
I always like to include cleaning products in my favourites post so you can all see what I have been loving this last month. This time I couldn’t narrow it down to just the one so here are the two that I have found myself loving. When we go shopping I spend ages down the cleaning aisle sniffing and reading all the different bottles, especially the fabric conditioners. You have to smell them all so you can predict how your clothes will smell, right? I bet it’s not just me who does this. Once I had picked this one I was excited just to do some washing, sad right?! As soon as I opened the washing machine door once the cycle had finished, the whole kitchen just smelt lovely. I’m sure I brought it when it was on offer for £2 in Morissons and at the time of typing this, it still is. It also says on it that it lasts 37 wash loads which when you think about it, is quite a lot. I can’t wait to try more of this range out.

5. Method Squirt & Mop Floor Cleaner (Above Right).
When we go to Tesco it has become a tradition as such that we look down the cleaning aisle to look at all the Method Products. When we moved in we brought a VAX Steam Mop as we have wooden and vinyl floor all over, so I wanted something that I could use along side this. Since discovering method and realising how amazing they can make your whole house smell, I thought it was only right I looked at them. It’s such a handy product as whilst your waiting for the steam mop to heat up, you just walk around squirting this and then you just mop over it with the steam mop. It made our else smell really good and the smell lasted a good few hours. The scent is Lemon Ginger and I wasn’t sure I would like it as i’m not a fan of ginger, but its more lemon than anything. I’m really impressed with this and will definitely be buying more in the future when I need it. And for £3 I think it’s such a bargain as it will last me ages! You can find the Method Website Here.

And that sums up my September favourites. I can’t believe how quick this month has come round as it seems only yesterday it was still light outside at 7pm. Now when I look outside it’s dark and just feels cold, but i’m kind of loving it. It makes me feel all cosy and I love seeing the autumn leaves all over the pavement and conkers falling. I’m sure before I know it i’ll be back doing my October favourites, I wonder if there will be anything Halloween related? Only time will tell. Thank you for reading this post. If there is something you have been especially loving last month, let me know so I can maybe try it out too.
Until next time,
Goodbye. ♥





Weekend Away In Liverpool | Sept 2017.

Hello and welcome back to my blog, I hope your doing okay. Today’s post is a slightly different one, i’m going to be talking about my first ever visit to Liverpool and what we got up too. We had been planning this weekend away for a few months as we had been invited to Sean’s cousins 30th surprise birthday party.

As we were going away from Friday to Sunday we decided we would put Vinny into a cattery. My Grandad recommended Acorn Lodge Kennels and Cattery as his dog had always loved going so we knew Vinny would be in great hands. We had planned this visit in with Sean’s mum and auntie coming down as they were due to fly home from Manchester, so it made sense to leave them there on the Sunday and they would get a bus to Manchester on the Tuesday morning.

We loaded the car up Friday morning and dropped Vinny off at the cattery at 9am with his toys, favourite blanket to nuzzle and some of his food. After we dropped Vin off we headed round the corner to McDonalds for a breakfast, as everyone loves a McDonalds Breakfast to start of a trip away, don’t they? And then we headed off for our 3 and a half hour journey to Liverpool.


We arrived in Liverpool at around 1/2pm and before we went to Richard and Maxine’s house we decided we would have a drive to Albert Dock which is a beautiful dock with so many restaurants, bars and attractions. There’s things from cute little cafe’s to Italian restaurants to The Beatles Story Tour. When we arrived it was raining so we didn’t actually get out the car but we had a drive round and you could just tell it is a lovely place. Then we headed off to Sean’s cousins. After spending a few hours chatting, catching up, meeting their beautiful children we decided to get something to eat and check out our hotel, if you can even call it that. We went to Sainsbury’s got some snacks, hot pizza and some drinks and then headed to the ‘hotel’ to take our cases and relax for the evening. Let’s just say we didn’t end up staying there as it isn’t really a hotel. I think the woman just offered us the rooms to get a bit of extra money. It was a shared bathroom which put me off, that you had to walk down some stairs to get too. Also, there were no towels in the bathroom/bedrooms so how was I supposed to get from the bathroom back to the bedroom? Naked? I think not. Luckily Richard and Maxine had said if we didn’t like it we could always go back to theres and stay there. Which we did and i’m so glad we made that decision as we had the best weekend. So if either of you are reading this, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

On the Saturday morning Sean and his mum, Norma, had an Anfield Stadium tour booked so I decided I would get ready whilst they were gone and be ready for when they got back. They were gone about an hour and a bit and they had a great time. They took Jack, who is Sean’s cousins son and he really enjoyed himself too. Once Sean was back we decided we would explore some of Liverpool and when I found out they had a Home Sense, I was there! Home Sense was located on a retail park unlike one I have ever seen! It had everything you could need! Home Sense, Next, Boots, TK Maxx, Costa, Asda Living, Nandos, Need I go on?! It was fab. I’ve never been to a Home Sense before but have been wanting to visit one for absolutely ages! And it certainly didn’t disappoint! We didn’t go in needing anything in particular but its one of them shops that once you see something, you decide you suddenly need it! After rummaging around the shop for a good half an hour we brought, Cat Treats reduced to 79p, A Drawer organiser, A sink sponge holder and a pack of 4 sheet face masks! As it was around lunch time once we got out so we decided to have a McDonalds. I know what your thinking, 2 in 2 days but we were on holiday so there’s my excuse.

22052629_1156413844502730_1958922371_nOnce we had finished out little shopping spree we wanted to have a drive to The Docks again and wanted to try and find The Beatles Statue and a museum to visit. Very tourist! We parked up and once we figured out where the parking ticket came out, we were off! We weren’t entirely sure where the statue was but once I saw a crowd of tourist looking people, I knew where it was! It was a lot bigger than I imagined and it just looked really modern and fitting in with the vibe of the docks. If your in Liverpool, you should definitely visit this! You can find it at Pier Head Dock. Once a few snaps were taken we went off on a walk to see what else we could find. We found a museum that looked very unique from the outside and as it was free entry, we had a little explore inside. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I couldn’t really find any information about what was inside, but I was pleasantly surprised. It had a lot about Liverpool’s history and what it is famous for and an overhead rail way. We then headed back to the car and made our way back to where we were staying.

We had a few hours before we had to get ready for Richard’s surprise party so we spent it chatting and playing with the kids. Rich knew something was going on because he was having to meet someone at the pub at 6.30 then be taken somewhere so he had some idea but not what was actually happening. We got ready, dropped Rich at the pub and collected Samantha and headed to the party. Considering the party was meant to start at 7.30 and we didn’t arrive til 7.45, we were the first ones there! We got a drink and sat down and waited for everyone to arrive. Overall it was a great evening and we both really enjoyed ourselves. There was good food, good music and good company which is all you need.

22016243_1156414057836042_848920734_n.jpg      22016292_1156413894502725_674509716_n


By the time we climbed into bed it was 12.30 so we went straight to sleep as we were exhausted and up at 7.30am. I had such a good sleep and woke up at 8.30am and we realised that Richard and Maxine were no where to be found. They kindly gave us a key so we would be able to get back in the night before and they had a key for when they were home. They had planned to come back to theres once the party had finished. We found out the continued the party at Samantha’s and were up the majority of the night/early morning. We got up, got dressed and ready and packed up our suitcase and loaded the car for when we left. Norma and Margaret came back round and we tidied the kitchen a little for when Rich and Maxine got home so they didn’t have that to do. As who wants to get in from a night out and clean?! Not me. We planned on leaving at 11.30/12 so we didn’t think we would be seeing Maxine & Rich before we left if they had been up all night but they came home to say goodbye to us, which was lovely of them. The journey home went quite quick for me as I slept the majority of it but in all it took 3 ish hours! Once home I had a unpacked, shower, shoved a pizza in the oven and we settled down to watch television for the evening.

And that sums up our lovely weekend away in Liverpool. We had such a nice time away and it was lovely meeting some more of Sean’s family for the first time. We will definitely be back in the near future. I know this post is a little different but I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time,
Goodbye. ♥

Favourite Items In My Home | September 2017


One of the things I was most excited about when moving out was choosing what furniture and homeware items we could buy. Adult decisions that you never thought you would get excited over like, choosing an iron and a hoover suddenly excited me! Sad right?! As this is our first home together we were given a lot of stuff and I’m very grateful for that because things can be so expensive! A few items in this post were kindly brought for us as moving in presents whilst others we brought ourselves.

1. Electra Two Light Table Lamp – The Range.
21362697_1144437365700378_618138590_nIn the summer when me and Sean were up in Aberdeen we had a trip to The Range one morning with  his mum, sister and step dad’s mum. As we were looking round I came across this lamp and loved it. It looked like a plain and simple lamp on the outside but once turned on, reminded me of fireworks and was just something I hadn’t seen before. Sean’s step dads mum, 21361090_1144446022366179_1908963286_nMargaret, kindly offered to buy us this as a house warming present and it now sits on our bookshelf downstairs and really finishes off the room. It looks beautiful in the evening when it’s dark outside and the curtains are drawn.  You Can Buy It Here – for £18.99 instead of the RRP £29.99.



2. Three Word Heart Plaque – Matalan.
Just before I moved out my mum and sister came home from a morning out with this and I instantly wanted it! When they told me it was from Matalan, I couldn’t believe it. I don’t go to Matalan often, but when I do they always have a lovely homeware section. The next time my mum went to Matalan, I tagged along but it was just my luck they were out of stock.

21363149_1144437389033709_1304083552_nI was beginning to think I wouldn’t be getting one of these and began to give up. That was until one day when my mum found one and brought it for me as a present! So if your reading this mum, Thank you so much for that!! I love the marble effect in the smaller heart and I love how it looks on my TV Unit. You Can Buy It Here for £4.00! How amazing is that for a bargain?!


3. Zebra Doorstop – Next.
I think it was my mum who told me about this after she had been by our local next 21733330_1148670561943725_1505828241_nhome. I searched the next website and just had to order it. If you know me personally you will know that I have a huge love for anything zebra or zebra print. I brought this before we even viewed a house as I had fallen in love with it and figured everyone needs a door stop, don’t they?! I wouldn’t normally look through the next home website as everything is so beautiful, yet so expensive! But this was really reasonable and there was an option to save a few pound when you paid for it monthly. It cost £18 which for a great quality doorstop, from Next, is amazing! I don’t actually have hardly any doors as our house is quite open plan so he sits on my stairs and I just love him. You Can Buy Him Here.

4. Aldi Luxury Candle No. 2  – Aldi.
When I nipped into my local Aldi one morning I was very surprised to see a stack of the 21767763_1151549708322477_694126234_nAldi candles that are very popular at the moment. They are meant to be a dupe/similar to the very expensive Jo Malone ones but instead of being a shocking £300, they are £3.99! Bargain! I have wanted one for as while as since I have moved into my own house, I’m candle mad! It’s such a simple yet classy jar and looks a lot more expensive than it is and well… the smell! The smell is so subtle yet strong it’s hard to explain. There are three different ones in Aldi. The No. 1 which scent is Lime, Basil and Mandarin. The No. 2 which scent is Blackberry & Bay. And No. 3 which scent is Pomegranate Noir. Eventually I would like to have all 3 as I think they would look great on my bookshelf. I really don’t want to light this yet and i’m going to try and hold off for as long as I can! You can find these in Aldi but they are very popular so you’ll have to be quick!

4. Fairy Lights – The Range.
21767532_1151549724989142_608191657_n.jpgWe recently had a trip to The Range in search of some Fairy Lights. We weren’t entirely sure what type we wanted we just knew we wanted them! When we got there we were faced with a few different styles but we finally decided on these heart shaped ones. We wanted them to wrap around the stairs so that part of the living room would look brighter and cosier. I have never seen lights like them, they have a metal like wire that shapes a heart to create a sort of shabby chic style. We brought two packs and they were £4.99 each. The RRP was £5.99 so we saved £2. They have really added to our home and have made the living room look very cosy at night. You Can Find Them Here.

5. Mauve Rug – The Range.
Whilst we were in The Range we decided we would look at the rugs as we have wooden21690992_1151556878321760_336527694_n floor so we thought it would make the room cosier. We knew we wanted Grey with maybe a hint of lilac so when we saw this one we knew it was perfect! We stupidly hadn’t measured the gap in front of the corner sofa so we soft of had to estimate on the size. We un rolled one rug and thought it would be too big so went for the smaller option – and good job we did! It fits perfectly and looks great against our grey corner sofa. We have recently got some new cushions on our sofa to match the rug, lilac and grey and I really like the finished look. The rug was £34.99 which is really reasonable as it’s of a good quality and feels so soft! You Can Find It Here.

That pretty much sums up all of my favourite things in my home currently. Obviously I love everything in my house but these are just some of my favourites. I hope you enjoyed this post as I have really enjoyed writing this one. I love looking and talking all this interior home related and would love to hear what all your favourite home items are! Thank you for reading and until next time…
Goodbye. ♥






September Glossybox! | 2017

Hello and welcome back to my blog. This post is a very exciting one for me to do as i’m reviewing my first ever Glossybox! For those of you who don’t know what Glossybox is, it’s a monthly beauty subscription box for £13.95. You usually get 5/6 items which are a complete surprise and it comes in a beautiful baby pink box. Occasionally they do themed boxes for example next months you will either get a mermaid or unicorn box!! So… Heres Septembers box….


Free Gift : Spectrum Feeling Fancy Fan Brush & Bella Pierre Banana Setting Powder.  BOTH FULL SIZE!
I couldn’t believe how much was jammed into my box! As I was a new subscriber I received this free gift worth £30 just for subscribing, how generous is that?! I love Spectrum brushes and have a few already but I had been eyeing this 21732953_1148664595277655_1408691258_none up for a while and I’m so glad I finally have it. It feels so soft on your face and I can’t wait to apply my highlighter with it! The Bella Pierre Setting Powder looks really good too and feels so silky. I had been looking for a new setting powder and i’m excited to use this one. You can find the Spectrum Brush Here & Bella Pierre Cosmetics Setting Powder Here.

Style London Siligel Blender – RRP : £5.99. FULL SIZE ITEM!
I was so excited to see this as I have seen and heard so many things about them and really wanted to try one out for myself. You can apply your foundation or any face cream 21733109_1148664598610988_1683488742_n.jpgwith this and it will produce a natural finger blend effect. They are very hygienic, easy to clean and dry and produce less product wastage. I’m really excited to try this out and see if the hype is as good as it’s made out to be! RRP for this is £5.99 which is so affordable and potentially a cheaper alternative to a beauty blender or a foundation brush. You can buy it here direct from the Style London Website.


Pixi By Petra Brow Tamer – RRP : £12.00. FULL SIZE ITEM!
I have heard really good things about Pixi Beauty so I was excited to find this in my box. 21744460_1148664628610985_635458671_nAs I don’t always fill in my brows this is something that is quick and easy for me to do as you just brush over your brows. RRP for this is £12.00 which nearly covers the cost of the box, which for one product is amazing. I love the packaging as it’s such a pastel minty green colour. Since receiving this I have checked out the website and they have so many different products, all that look really good. Hopefully Glossybox will send us some more out another month. You can buy this product here from the Pixi  Beauty Website.


Monu Skin Firming Fiji Facial Oil – RRP : £21.95 for 30ml. SAMPLE SIZE!
21741571_1148664625277652_436050854_n.jpgI had no idea what this was when I first saw it in my box and when I saw it was a facial oil, I was very excited! I really need to get into a skin care routine morning and night as I have just been neglecting my skin lately, and this will really help me with that. The scent of this really sends me back to college days when we would do facials on each other. This one if perfect for me as it’s for dry/sensitive skin and I have some quite dry patches dotted round my face but overall i’m quite sensitive. It’s such a good size sample and feels amazing on the skin. You can buy this here from the Monu Skin Website.


Cetaphil Sample Set – Cleanser, Moisturising cream & Moisturising lotion. RRP : £8.99 – £14.99 per bottle. SAMPLE SIZE.
21741383_1148664631944318_466971692_n.jpgThis was probably what stood out the most to me in my box as it was quite big and the reason my lid didn’t fit on properly. It came in a triangular shaped box and inside were three mini bottles and a voucher. Like i mentioned before, these will really help me get back into a good skin care routine. Along with the oil, I have used these a few times already and all together they leave my skin feeling lovely and refreshed. I will definitely be using the £3 off voucher in my local boots and picking up some bigger sized bottles. You can find Cetaphil on the boots website or for a bigger range, visit the Cetaphil website Here.

Rodial Suede Lips – Calabasas. RRP : £22.00. FULL SIZE ITEM!
Another full size item?! Glossybox have killed it this month. I love receiving full size make up items and i’m exciting for it to become a bit colder so I can wear this for an autumn colour. It’s a lovely colour that is a soft terracotta pink. You can find it on the Rodial Website Here.



A Bar Of Kinder Bueno. FULL SIZE!
There isn’t much to say about this except its one of my favourite chocolate bars and Glossybox are the best for sending this as an extra! Who doesn’t love a surprise chocolate treat?!


I’m so pleased with my first Glossybox and I already can’t wait for next months. I’m not sure if it’s just because I got two free gifts, but it seems like you get so much more than in Birchbox. I’d heard so many good things about Glossybox and i’m so glad I decided to make the change and subscribe! I’ll be back in around a months time with my October Box.. In the meantime, Thank you for reading and I’ll be back soon with a new post.
Until then,
Goodbye. ♥













My Everyday MakeUp Routine

Welcome back to my blog, I hope your doing okay. I thought I would share with you my everyday makeup routine so you can see what i’m wearing and loving on my face at the moment. I don’t wear makeup everyday as I’m not currently working but this is what I wear, when I do go out.

I like to start 21362744_1144974352313346_1087408307_nmy make-up routine with a primer. I find that using primer really helps to prepare your face for the base. I recently purchased the Collection – Primed & Ready Primer, and I love it. It creates a really smooth base to then go on and apply for foundation. It cost me £4.99 which is such a reasonable price. It’s currently on offer in Boots for £3.99 so if your looking for a new primer and don’t want to spend a lot, you should definitely try this. You Can Get It Here.


For a long time I had just been using Rimmel Match Perfection in shade 121397070_1144974345646680_2027937940_n00 – Ivory, but recently I have been mixing it to create more even coverage and a shade that suits my skin tone more. I mix it with L’oreal True Match in shade Vanilla. Personally I’m not a fan of the True Match on it’s own as I have dry patches that it clings too, but mixed with Match Perfection it’s perfect for my skin. When mixed together it’s quite full coverage and lasts me through the day. You Can Get Them Here : Rimmel Match Perfection & L’oreal True Match. Rimmel currently has an offer of 3 for 2 and L’oreal has an offer where you can save £1 on selected True Match foundation.


Once my foundation is applied I move on to concealer. Concealer is great and really helps to 21397479_1144974298980018_1767016013_n.jpgeven out skin tones by covering imperfections, blemishes and any flaws in the skin. A while ago I did a little ELF haul and purchased Studio HD Lifting Concealer which I really liked. I tend to use this one to go round my brows and cover any spots or blemishes I have on my face. For under my eyes I absolutely love using Collection Lasting Perfection in shade 1 – fair, as it really brightens up those darkened under eye areas. Both are under £5 which is such a good price! You Can Get Them Here : ELF Studio HD Lifting Concealer & Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.

After doing my foundation, I like to set my face using the Rimmel Stay M21396822_1144974295646685_2127309032_n.jpgatte Pressed Powder in Transparent. It’s a very lightweight powder that provide long lasting coverage. If I’m baking, I tend to use the Collection Sheer Loose Powder that I apply with a beauty blender and then sweep off with powder brush. I like to switch up a little depending on what look I am going for. Both are under the £5 mark and I’ve had both for ages and they are still going strong! You Can Get Them Here : Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder & Collection Sheer Loose Powder.

Contour,Bronzer & Highlight.
Once my face is set, I like to then go back to it but this time adding some colour. I use a few different produ21361216_1144974358980012_382310381_ncts for different things. For Contouring I tend to use the Maybeline Master Contour V Shape Duo (back in picture). I’m not a huge fan of cream contour but as it is in a stick form, it makes it a little easier. This is a great way for someone like me, who isn’t the best at contouring to really get it in the right places. I love that this has a highlighter in it too and I use this to really make sure under my eyes are brightened and to blend into the contour so it isn’t a harsh line. For bronzing I really like the MakeUp Revolution Bronze, Shimmer, Highlight (right) I sometimes use the bronzer in this to contour my cheek bones, but it is also really nice swirled together to create the bronzy glow to finish off a look. For highlighting I love the ELF Illuminating palette (left). It has two beautiful shimmery highlight shades and two bronzed shades that you can mix all together or use separate depending on the look. My favourite is the top right shade which looks lovely on cheekbones to highlight them. You Can Buy Them Here : Maybeline Master Contour V Stick,  Makeup Revolution Bronze Shimmer Highlight, & ELF Illuminating Palette.

Eyebrows and Blusher.
I’m not someone who is great at doing eyebrows and only really fill the21363148_1144974598979988_1065090767_nm in if i’m going somewhere nice. I have a fringe so you can’t really see my eyebrows anyway. When I do fill them in, I use the Sleek Eye and Cheek Palette which my mum brought for me a while back as it was on offer in boots. I use the middle bottom shade mixed with the bottom left and it makes my perfect eyebrow shade. I also use the blusher in this palette (top left). It’s such a beautiful colour. You Can Get It Here.

When it comes to using mascara I have two favourites. I got the Benefit21441981_1144974378980010_581362191_n Roller Lash mini with my Birchbox points as I wanted to test it before I spent money on it full sized. I love the applicator on this one as it doesn’t clump your lashes together, it leaves them looking really natural. I got the Douce Punk Volumising Mascara in a Birchbox and I really like it. It leaves your lashes a bit clumpier than the Roller Lash but still looks natural. As they are both mini’s its very handy as they fit in makeup bags if your going away. You Can Get Them Here : Benefit Roller Lash & Douce Punk Volumising Mascara.


Setting Spray.
I’ll admit, this is the21361221_1144974382313343_2104638291_n only setting spray I have used but I’m quite impressed so haven’t felt the need to buy another yet. It feels very refreshing on the face and leaves my makeup lasting all day. If I had to change one thing about it, it would be the smell/scent as it’s quite plain. But if your in the market for a setting spray, you should definitely try this one! It’s very affordable at £5.99 and there is currently on offer on where it is only £3.99 in Boots. You Can Get It Here.


I’ve realised whilst writing this post that I have quite a few Collection products. For a brand that is so reasonably priced, there products are really good and i’m not ashamed to use them. Sometimes the higher end products aren’t always the best and people should really give cheaper brands a try. If you have any makeup items that your loving and think I should try and add into my routine, be sure to comment and let me know! Thank you for reading. Until next time,

Goodbye. ♥